About Tom Greer

Tom Greer was born, raised and educated in Glasgow and read Physics at Strathclyde University. He’s also lived near London, near Stuttgart for a while in the 90s, in Belfast for a year (long after “The Troubles” and it was a great and interesting city to live in) and for a long while he lived in Preston, Lancashire in the North West of England where his children were raised and where his daughter still lives. He’s lived in Bristol in the South West England since 2004.

‘An Expendable Spy’, published on Amazon in 2013 was his debut novel.

‘Death Comes Calling’ is his latest novel, set in London, and is the first book in the Inspector John Gore crime series.

Tom is currently working on the second in the Inspector John Gore series, ‘The Dying of the Light’, which will be published this year.

Besides writing Tom also enjoys reading, especially the novels of other crime writers, travel (pandemic permitting) and helps run the local branch of his university alumni group. He has also recently developed an interest in genealogy.

Tom retired from work in September 2021 to concentrate full time on writing.

Tom is planning to also write children’s stories (he has a brand new grandson and, “if it was good enough for Oscar Wilde it’s good enough for me.”)

He is also planning to write TV, film and radio scripts.

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